Understanding the Environmental Influences of Neurotoxins on Your Brain: Radiation by Pamela Costello MD PC

Understanding the Environmental Influences of Neurotoxins on Your Brain: Radiation

by Pamela Costello MD PC

“Facts Do Not Convey Truth. That’s a Mistake. Facts Create Norms, But Truth Creates Illumination.”
Werner Herzog


As diseases of the nervous system escalate, reaching epidemic proportions, understanding the equally escalating causal factors that disturb our brains becomes increasingly important. Radiation is proving to be a major source of brain dysfunction and disease. The global voice on an overwhelming and dangerous tragedy remains largely silent as to what has happened in Japan and what continues to increasingly threaten our planet and our nervous systems.

An ongoing leak of Plutonium isotopes from the Fukushima Power Plant heavily damaged by the March 2011 tsunami, is globally contaminating the planet with substances which are extremely neurotoxic, yet difficult to diagnose and monitor.
Please see video of Fukushima Report from Investigative Reporter Harvey Wasserman:

While much of the country is aware of the fateful tsunami that ravaged the coast of Japan in 2011, most are not aware of the fallout of this tragedy on a global scale. The Fukushima Power plant was not sufficiently protected during the tsunami, having ignored the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Commission demands that a proper sea wall be built to protect the plant from just such natural accidents. As a result, the plant was demolished and three of the nuclear core reactors melted down, due to the cooling system being damaged.
Subsequently, the plant has leaked highly radioactive Plutonium isotopes directly into the air, as well as continuously into the Pacific Ocean and globally via air currents and rain water. The levels of radiation reaching beyond the Japanese coast have been estimated at varying degrees from ten to thousand fold increases of levels considered dangerous for human exposure. Unfortunately, radioactive fallout carried around the globe by trade winds and weather patterns has not been adequately addressed.

What is the harm of radioactive fallout or of any form of radiation to the human nervous system and body? Our brains are electrical organs, acting as both generators and receivers. Radiation toxicity is absorbed and creates an electrical blockage or interference to normal neurological function, as well as damages our genetics and the DNA carried on to our future generations. Although our nervous systems can and do suffer numerous insults which act to create neurological inflammation and dysfunction, radiation exposure from the environment is one insult for which it is critical to maintain high surveillance.

What to do? We can minimize our exposure and maximize clearing of the radiation which we do absorb. Knowledge of the radiation issue is the first step, and managing the issue is second. Such management would include minimizing exposure to ionizing (X-rays, gamma rays, and microwaves) and non ionizing (EMF – computers, cellphones, WiFi, and all electronic devices) sources of radiation. Also, avoidance of all microwaved food is critical, with removal of microwaves from your home and work environments; replacement with convection or toaster ovens is an easy solution. An important dietary consideration is minimizing consumption of seafood from contaminated ocean sources, preferring inland Alaskan waterways or Arctic wild-caught seafood sources and checking carefully the sources of fish oil and other ocean derived supplements.

Our nervous systems and our DNA are being bombarded by these damaging elements, therefore reduction of our exposure, and clearance of what we’ve already absorbed, is mandatory to survive and thrive in today’s environment. Please don’t assume that this is not a global threat and life-changing issue nor trust you or your children’s future to the ill-informed or those who are denying this global tragedy. Be a voice of awareness and change, and minimize your risk of radiation induced illness.

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