Dear Dr. Costello:
Thank you for being the first doctor to take my symptoms seriously, (slight tremor,  recurring vertigo, chronic fatigue, confusion, anxiety, osteoporosis, weakness, the list goes on).
Thank you for being different from the other doctors I have seen, for understanding my “toxic burden” due to the current toxic environment we all live in– and also the environment of my parents.  I could not have overcome my symptoms without proper treatment.  In my case you discovered through many lab test that I was extremely toxic from high levels of lead and other heavy metals.
I must confess that at first I was very resistant and did not follow the diet plan you provided. I was doing everything else you requested, but without the diet I was not achieving good results! (This is to say I learned the hard way that the detox plan is a program that must be followed in totality — and this includes a diet which is non-gluten, non-dairy, with a daily green drink, organic foods from your “what to eat, what to avoid list”, filtered water, etc.)
Due to your encouragement that I see this through and completely follow the detox protocol — I have seen vast improvements in just a few months. Thank you for your insistence.  I now feel hope for a healthy life. I wish to thank you– I am already healthier than I have been in years — and I now look forward to my complete healing.  Thank you again Dr Costello for your guidance and remarkable medical expertise.
In Gratitude, D.


I had not been feeling well for several months and then in June 2012 my health took a turn for the worst. By September, I had seen 6 different doctors and I was told there was nothing wrong with me. One even told me that it was all in my head. I had every blood test and imaging study imaginable and they all came back normal. I even had my gallbladder removed due to abdominal pain even though it showed that it was normal on imaging. As a health care provider myself, I was quickly losing faith in the medical community. This was the very community I was part of and had such much trust and belief that allopathic medicine was the only way to successfully treat medical conditions.

By the time I got to Dr. Costello I was in pretty bad shape. I was desperate for some answers. I had to take a leave of absence from work. I was no longer able to function. I had to stay with family because it was getting to the point where I could no longer take care of myself. My symptoms which started out as abdominal pain and anxiety had quickly progressed to an array of debilitating symptoms: burning and tingling in my arms and legs, severe headaches, hand tremors, night sweats, fainting spells, tachycardia, heart palpitations, weight loss, depression, insomnia, muscle pains, extreme fatigue, blurry vision, and brain fog. I literally felt like I had been poisoned. I knew there was something terribly wrong, but none of the doctors I saw could figure out what was making me feel so terribly ill. I am 31 years old, and I was determined to find an answer. I refused to accept my current state as my life. My quality of life had gone from great to absolutely horrible in a matter of months.

I was referred to Dr. Costello by a friend of the family. I was so discouraged by that point, but was hopeful that a physician that took a holistic approach would maybe have some answers. Dr. Costello evaluated me and knew almost immediately I had Lyme Disease. I was shocked; how could this have been missed my so many doctors? But after learning about Lyme, I realized that it truly takes a doctor with the expertise like Dr. Costello to diagnose and successfully treat conditions like Lyme. I have been on treatment for almost four months and I am so much better! I am even back at work. It will take time and patience to regain my health to 100%, but I am getting there as I am committed to my treatment protocol.

Dr. Costello looks at the whole body system, which is absolutely necessary to reclaim your health. Four months ago I had no hope, I literally felt whatever I had was going to kill me. Dr. Costello saved my life. To all of you out there who are sick and hopeless, there is hope. You can get your life back! Your symptoms are not “all in your head”. I highly recommend Dr. Costello to anyone having a hard time getting well or to anyone wanting to maintain their wellness. She truly has the gift of healing.
S.D., Alaska

Dear Dr. Costello,
Thank you so very much for all of your dedication towards the fight of Lyme Disease. Your tenderness and amazing wealth of knowledge, as well as your tenacity at working toward a cure is wonderful! You are giving me back a quality of life that is helping me be the wife and mommy God called me to be! I am very thankful. May God bless you! With Love, KH

Dr. Costello,
There are no words to thank you for everything you have done for us. You saved my life and my baby daughter’s! I hope you have a wonderful year!
Love, A. & baby A.

“Dr. Costello,
To my wife and I you are more than God’s gift as a wonderful surgeon. We consider you more than a friend, but as family. We shall always be grateful to you. You not only saved my life, but also helped my family through my ordeal with my head injury. My wife and I can never thank you enough and our trust and prayers will always be with you. Love, P & A S.”

Dr. Costello,

I’ve never thanked you for seeing my Mom when she was struggling last year and for your discretion in suggesting some treatments.  She’s doing very, very well.  I continue to be surprised, pleasantly surprised.  She has continued the drops you gave her and I feel confident that they have something to do with her overall disposition and physical well-being.

Thanks again, BT


I have been seeing Dr. Costello, for a little over a year now. I have originally been seeing her for a herniated disc. She performed surgery on me in January and I have to say that I am completely happy with the results of that surgery. She has taken my pain away and did an outstanding job on my surgery. I am now seeing her for my Lyme Disease treatment, and I have to say that she is very caring and understanding when it comes to treatment for this sickness. She has been helping me through this every step of the way, if she did not move to Albuquerque I do not know how sick I would be right now and I do not know how I would be getting treatment for this illness. Thank you Dr. Costello

Mary M. Albuquerque N.M.

Dear Dr. Costello,

A couple of year’s ago, when I started attacks losing conscience, and we and our doctors in Texas did not know the cause, we were fortunate that our daughter with help from her friend and his family obtained the diagnosis from you as Partial Complex Seizures. This diagnosis was passed to a neurologist here, who has prescribed medication, daily dosages starting with 1,000mg KEPPRA XR and later reduced to 500 mg. This medication has prevented further attacks, and my wife and I wish to convey to you our sincere appreciation for the kind assistance you provided with your diagnosis.

With kindest personal regards,


Dearest Dr. Costello,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me so very much with your expertise in treating my lyme disease. The lack of professional care for this epidemic problem in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico has come to light though I do thank those that tried to treat me as best they could considering their lack of experience. I wish graces and blessings upon you and your family for having helped my family treat this terrible affliction. I hope you have a good thanksgiving and a Beautiful Christmas Season!!

Your Humble Patient,
~Peter H.
🙂 🙂 🙂

Good morning Dr. C,
I apologize if I an over stepping over  the boundaries of our professional relationship, however I experienced something yesterday that I feel I really need to share with you.  I know you’ re very busy so I will be as brief as I can.  I have always told you how much I respect and admire your brilliance as a Neurosurgeon.  I think your skills are just amazing.  Reading your Operative reports are like reading a best selling novel.  They are incredible.  Well, after yesterday I think I admire you for what you are focusing on now even more.  There is a woman who works at my Credit Union.  She has been there maybe a little over a year.  Always looking  frail and sickly.  She is a very sweet 40 something year old woman.  I saw her yesterday afternoon and realized that she wasn’t looking quite so “sickly” anymore.  We got to talking and she shared with me how she was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease back at the end of July.  She suffered for over 4 years.  Her symptoms started out to be somewhat “minor” and just got progressively worse.  She was even seen at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philly – no one would give her a definitive diagnosis let alone treat her for Lyme’s disease.  I don’t understand it all, but apparently 4 out of 5 “bands”?? were 100% positive and then the 5th one was 70%??? ( I hope I’m correct in that) – it was because that 5th “band” was not at 100% they wouldn’t diagnosis it.  She was able to find a Dr M???? – (really didn’t catch his name) here in NE PA that Diagnosed her and is treating her.  The hell she has gone through is horrible, but finally she found someone who is treating her appropriately and she is having wonderful results.  The list of problems she was having just goes on and on.  Dr. C. – Thank you.  It is wonderful what you are doing and the people you are helping.  God Bless you.  It was just on my heart to share this with you.  Have a great day.

Jamie M.

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