My Approach

Practice Focus: an integrative, holistic approach by a licensed Physician since 1992 who is a practicing Neurological Surgeon (now retired from surgery), 30 years as a Neuroscientist, an ILADS member who treats Lyme related illnesses, with additional training in Biological Medicine under Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Institute. I focus on diagnosis and treatment of core causal issues of disease affecting the nervous system, including adverse environmental influences, to include Chronic Lyme Disease, Viral and Fungal syndromes, Heavy Metal and Pesticide Toxicities, Traumatic injuries, degenerative neurological disease, developmental neurologic disease, chronic pain syndromes, and autoimmunity. I focus on dietary assessment, standard medical testing, thorough history taking, and structural imaging and assessment, with treatment modalities including neurotoxin identification and avoidance counseling, and nutritional gut and immune support. Most insurance accepted in New Mexico