Lyme Disease And The Journey Back To Health, by Pamela Costello MD PC

Lyme Disease And The Journey Back To Health
by Pamela Costello MD PC
“Let the truth be known and the country is safe”
Abraham Lincoln
What if all of modern disease states and maladies were found to be operating on an entirely new paradigm….one existing largely outside the best understanding and tenants of standard medicine? How would one ever find their way back to restored health if the very basis of their disease state were predicated on an illusive, yet extraordinarily powerful, microbe and it’s cast of co-conspirators?
Such is the dilemma of many of the as yet unheard voices of those suffering silently from Lyme Disease, a pathogenic opportunist that has found a niche in humankind, thriving off of a perfect storm of conditions, allowing it to exist as a modern day pandemic. While there exists a handful of visionaries who have recognized, managed, and researched the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of this disease, they are a small minority of the medical community, with much of standard medicine relying on antiquated and flawed diagnostic tools and treatment approaches. Such a disconnect acts to further facilitate the stronghold of this disease, and only those who choose to think ‘outside the box’ can be effective in managing a modern day plague such as Lyme Disease.  An increasingly toxic air and water supply, along with a dangerously altered food source, have contributed to increasing genetic fragility and compromised immunologic mechanisms in the general public.  Such conditions, combined with increasingly virulent microbes that have genetically outsmarted modern day super drugs, (through either extreme evolutionary forces or those of man made genetic alterations), have allowed these pathogens to exist within our bodies, largely undetected, resulting in chronic infectious and toxic states that have created a perfect matrix for chronic, often debilitating, diseases to flourish.
What if an infection and/or toxic state were the cause of your neurodegenerative, rheumatoid, orthopedic, bladder, thyroid/endocrine, reproductive, cognitive disease, or even emotional imbalances? What if you were to find out that the primary cause of your debilitating illness was in fact a treatable infection or reversible toxic state?  You would find yourself on a journey back to wellness.  Therefore, the journey back to wellness involves dramatic shifts in consciousness. An increased awareness is necessary as to the true nature and identification of this illusive, virulent disease, as well as management of toxic background issues such as Mercury, Lead, radiation, pesticides, and other neuroimmune toxicities. The addition of adverse dietary choices, dental mercury amalgams, chronic dental infections and interference fields (see Dr. Bill Wolfe’s ad and related article in this issue), found in the presence of restrictive, myopic attitudes, yields limited understanding in recognizing and treating Lyme related diseases.
Upon recognition as to the possible presence of Lyme and Lyme related organisms, the next step is to find a Lyme Literate physician who can safely and carefully guide you through the diagnostic and healing process (see for such a listing).  The good news is that modern day heroes, including celebrities, authors, and politicians afflicted with Lyme Disease, are exerting their efforts to help increase both awareness in society and in the medical community, allowing for better testing and more appropriate, effective treatments. See the JumboTron ad on Lyme Disease Awareness at this year’s Superbowl, as well as the ongoing JumboTron ad in NYC’s Times Square.  Additionally, there are numerous medical pioneers whose hard work has allowed for insights into the successful diagnosis and treatment of this disease, in all of it’s many clinical manifestations. As more patients become aware of the ‘outside the box’ thinkers, the tide of public opinion will forcibly move the medical community and insurance industry to become open to this disease reality.  Thankfully, there indeed exists a road back to wellness. There is hope, and many of us who are in a position to help are willing to help you find this road.
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