A Healthier Brain for 2015 by Pamela Costello MD PC

A Healthier Brain for 2015

by Pamela Costello MD PC

The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around ~ Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


   As we begin the New Year, establishing an effective plan that will allow us to thrive should be predicated upon finding our best brain health. Furthermore,understanding that illness and wellness are definable at their most basic, foundational levels, provides us with just such an effective approach to achieve our best cognitive and physical function.

As a holistic physician, neurological surgeon, and a neuroscientist, additionally trained in biological and energy medicine, I provide a comprehensive healing approach to identify and correct imbalances in the brain and the nervous system. After completing a neurotoxin burden assessment, a customized repair program allows the patient to manifest their best brain health. In the process of restoring wellness, a path to long-term brain health maintenance and our ability to thrive is discovered.

For the New Year, I’d like to offer the option of health restoration to those who want to experience the highest health of their brain and nervous systems, as well as to those struggling with their health in general.

A list of considerations that are part of my treatment approach:

Healthy Diet. As far as the brain is concerned, it’s much more than just having a well-rounded diet anymore. Eat organically, and with the intention of providing the brain with good, safe, fuel sources, rather than short term energy fixes. Determine your greatest food intolerances or sensitivities. e immune system and nervous system are inextricably linked, and what antagonizes your immune system also affects your brain.

Good Water. Drinking and cooking with water are direct routes for toxins to travel to our brains. Therefore, establishing a clear, safe source of water is critical.

Neurotoxin Burden. Do you have mercury/silver fillings? Do you know the amount of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, e-smog, radiation, etc, that is acting to prematurely age your brain?
Acquired toxins from conception, throughout childhood and adulthood, adversely affect your neurological and physical health.

Proper Elimination. Keeping the bowels emptied on a regular basis keeps excreted toxins from being reabsorbed, decreasing the level of neuroactive toxins in your system.

Physical and Emotional Cleansing. Identifying and removing physical toxins is critical, and is most successfully accomplished when we emotionally release that which does not serve us. Our brain physiology and our behavior are interdependent.

Dental Health. Are chronic dental infections, toxic fillings, root canals, implants, or jaw malalignment compromising your best brain health? (See http://www.drwolfe.com).

Exercise. Regular exercise increases endorphins (natural morphine-like substances) as well as brain repair proteins. Exercise also strengthens the heart and cerebral circulation, mobilizing brain damaging toxins, which can be excreted via sweating. Even a gentle exercise program bene ts the brain. (See www.seanplakephw.com).

Healthy Home. Are your home and work environments clean of molds, solvents, and other threats to good brain function? Be aware that your personal hygiene, perfume, make up, hair coloring/products, laundry and household cleaning products contain solvents, heavy metals, and other toxic agents. Electromagnetic fields from electrical lines, indoor lights, computers, cell phones, and microwaves, as well as infectious opportunists and allergens, all burden our immune and nervous systems.

Healthy Attitude. Positive thinking strengthens the mind and the immune system and is a critical component to overcoming illness and achieving wellness.

Spiritual, Inspirational Support. Meditation and prayer raise your consciousness, bringing you a sense of well-being, peace, joy and inspiration. Having a spiritual focus, as well as creating music, art, speeches, lectures, or seeing plays which inspire you, reinforce the pathways of higher cognitive functioning, supporting the brain’s longevity.

If you’d like a comprehensive brain health/neurotoxin burden assessment and treatment plan for your best brain health, please contact my office at 505-503-8325.