Update on New Mexico Medical Board Case. Justice served, case against prescribing and selling herbal remedies by your MD has been dismissed “in the interest of justice”!

As I’d noted in my most recently published article on Reversible Pain Syndromes and Neurotoxicity, the NMMB was pursuing me for a delayed medical records complaint, but trying to throw in the banning of the prescribing and sale of herbal remedies by me. I won the case thanks to the genius of Civil Rights and Integrative Medicine/CAM Maverick Attorney Rick Jaffe. He demonstrated to the otherwise herbal/supplement-antagonistic Board that it was the public’s right to have access to such remedies from their treating MD’s and that this issue should not be litigated though the back door of my medical records case, and without the public’s input. After his brilliant presentation to them of the law, their case against me was dismissed “in the interest of justice”, and they have welcomed my attorney back to further educate them on the critical role of CAM remedies in healthcare.

I humbly thank attorney Rick Jaffe (please see his book “Galileos Lawyer’), as well as the NMMB, for their acting for justice, but also to all of my brave patients and colleagues who were willing to testify on my behalf, were the case to be pursued. My focus on providing truthful, effective holistic medicine will continue.